Photo of a dessert at a dinner table.

Google My Business is perhaps the most important free marketing platform for local business owners. Traditionally, Google My Business has only provided a businesses’ most basic information including address, phone number, website and mapping. However, Google announced this week that it will now allow restaurants to list their menu items via their Google My Business listing.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you will need to sign into your GMB account at After signing in, you’ll click on the ‘info’ tab where you’ll be able to add your restaurant’s menu items with their prices and a brief description of each menu item. The menus will also be able to be organized into sections such as entrees, appetizers, desserts, etc. Currently, only restaurants in English speaking countries will have access to this feature. I would anticipate Bing Places to follow up with a similar feature for their customers in coming months as well. Last summer, Google rolled out "Google Posts" on the Google My Business platform which allows business owners to publish their upcoming events and other announcements. Google Posts serves as an excellent feature for business owners to briefly describe their products and services before a customer even visits a company's website. 

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