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For the first time in history, Google is now crawling, indexing and ranking websites based on the mobile version of the website’s pages. For small businesses and entrepreneurs that made sure their brand’s website was optimized for mobile-devices, you may begin to see an increase in traffic as other websites fall behind. During previous years, Google gave priority to desktop versions of websites but that trend has shifted since most Google searches are now conducted on mobile devices.

This change becomes a problem for websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. To see whether your brand’s website is optimized for mobile devices, just type in your domain address to the mobiReady app and view the results. If your website is not, it’s important to reach out to a web designer that can create a responsive mobile-version of your website. If your website has separate content for it’s desktop and mobile versions, then the following practices need to be followed immediately.

  • Work to make sure that your website’s content is identical for both versions of your website.
  • Implement schema markup into both versions of your website to make it easier for the search engines to parse the website’s data.
  • Make sure your article’s titles and metadata information are the same for both versions of your website.
  • With an increased crawl rate for your website’s mobile version, you may also need to increase your server’s capacity.
  • Make sure that your robots.txt files are the same for both versions of your website.
  • Make sure that your internal link structure stays separate for both versions. In other words, don’t provide a link to an article on your website’s desktop version from the mobile version. Keep two separate internal link structures.
  • Verify both versions of your website in Google Search Console.

The closer the mobile and desktop versions of a website can be built to resemble each other, the better the experience for readers will be. Google now gives priority to user experience. As time goes on, websites with only a desktop version will be penalized greatly and won’t rank well at all in the search results. Google has officially notified webmasters of the mobile-first indexing changes via Google Search Console which should be integrated into your website if it isn’t already.

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