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A few years ago, Facebook changed it’s algorithm in a way that would allow for the social network to generate more revenue from advertising. The algorithm switch caused many business pages to lose their free organic reach on Facebook. This required business owners to spend money on boosting their Facebook posts if they wanted to reach a larger audience. The organic reach of your average Facebook post is now a measly 6%. Is spending money to boost individual Facebook posts worth the investment?

The short is no but that also depends on the objectives of the business owner. With boosting individual posts, you will be generating more user engagement including more likes, more comments, more shares, etc. However, boosting Facebook posts often do not generate more conversions and sales since the people viewing the posts are so far down the sales funnel. In most cases, blog posts are meant to be informative and entertaining rather than geared towards converting a customer. Why spend money on a practice that isn’t going to generate money? Boosting posts will generate a few more likes for your fan page but not nearly as many as paying to boost the main fan page exclusively.

Boosting Facebook posts is very popular among real estate professionals who have home listings they want to publicize. Other industries will not have as much success. If business owners utilize Facebook ads manager, however, they’ll have the ability to choose from boosting their posts to increase conversions, generate more leads, increase brand awareness, increase website traffic and reach. Facebook ads manager has much greater capability to reach your targeted audience as opposed to boosting individual posts.

In summary, if your business has marketing dollars to burn on branding, boosting individual posts will suit you just fine. If you’re a small business owner counting every penny, demanding results and are trying to scale your business quickly…stay away.

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