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Inbound marketing is a form of marketing that is centered around digital practices such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing (blogging), email marketing and social media marketing. Through search engine optimization, businesses are able to present content that solves problems or answers questions for their ideal customers. In return, the business gets free branding and the possibility of converting new customers into regular customers. However, inbound marketing requires a lot of time and resources.

In order to conduct inbound marketing practices correctly, a small business will need someone to conduct keyword research, write informative blogs that intrigues and engages potential customers, build the brand’s social media following, edit and upload Youtube videos, know how to update and maintain websites and run successful email marketing campaigns. Lead generation is much cheaper through inbound marketing practices as opposed to outbound marketing practices (traditional marketing). According to HubSpot, website visitors go through five phases when they discover your business through inbound marketing techniques. First, they’re a stranger to your company, then they become visitors, then they become leads, then they make a purchase and then they become promoters. As a promoter, they may recommend your company to a friend, leave a positive review for your business on Yelp or promote your website on their social media channels.

Inbound marketing is regarded as a much more customer-friendly style of marketing because it consists of “pull marketing” as opposed to “pushing” your product or service onto customers. Data shows that consumers are largely ignoring outbound marketing practices such as print advertising or television and radio advertising. No inbound marketing practice will work on it’s own; they must all be implemented simultaneously. Blogging should be the first step to all inbound marketing campaigns because it provides content that can be shared through email marketing campaigns or on your brand’s social media channels.

As a business owner, you’re probably wondering what topics you should write about. There are several ways to determine this. First, what questions do you current customers always ask? What problems do they have that they want you to solve? Whatever ideas you can come up with should be your article titles. Article titles that are posed as questions tend to rank very well in the search results; this article is a great example. Next, you may visit a competitor’s website for ideas and see what kind of topics they’re writing about. It’s also a good idea to write new blog posts when your industry hits the mainstream news. Finally, if you have Google Search Console integrated into your website, you might check and see which phrases you’re currently ranking for but need to improve on. You’ll then publish new content that uses the phrases needing the most improvement. Blog posts are equity for your business website. The more you publish, the more traffic you’ll generate over time.

Having informative blog posts that rank well in the search results puts your business in front of the customer when they’re in the process of making a decision. They’re searching for answers and they found you! With outbound marketing, you’re only renting their attention for a brief period. Measuring the success of your inbound marketing practices can be done by paying attention to your company’s call volume as well as the number of contact forms sent to your business email every month. You might also use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track other key performance indicators (KPI’s) that you’ll be able to easily recognize. If you’re using Google Analytics, your website’s “organic traffic” will be an important KPI to pay attention to. Organic traffic tells you the amount of people that are finding your website via the search engines. Organic traffic is free traffic!

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