Mobile device with a Google icon.

Over the last two years, Google has made tremendous strides in improving the user experience on mobile devices. The latest change includes the addition of the “more results” button at the bottom of the search results. What this does is it allows readers to see the next line of search results without clicking onto another page. On desktop computers, users will click on pages 2, 3, 4, etc. in the search results. Previously, when users were searching on mobile devices, users would click the “next” button to view the next batch of search results.

The “more results” button was first tested in December 2017 and will likely improve the click-through rate for business owners that don’t rank in the first five results on mobile devices. These changes will be reflected on all major mobile web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices, but will not be reflected on Google Chrome for iOS devices. Google ads are also affected and will be shown below the first page of search results on mobile devices.

Overall, this change is a huge win for mobile users and a win for website owners that may not be dominating the search results for certain keywords. If the “more results” button wasn’t the best move to improve the user experience, Google would have abandoned the idea after first experimenting with it last December. As they say, Google, it's algorithms and search engine optimization are always changing. It's important for business owners and digital marketers to stay on top of what's going on. 

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