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Some of the world’s largest social networks have been in hot water lately. Namely, Facebook who unethically sold private user data to third parties including London’s Cambridge Analytica. Youtube is completely demonetizing users while Twitter was caught in the middle of the Project Veritas operation. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter have also gone to great lengths to censor dissenting opinions on their networks which has created a poor user experience and millions of frustrated users. As one might expect, social media users are jumping ship from some of the largest social media networks and opting for alternative platforms that are slowly becoming household names.

Here are some new social media networks you may want to take for a spin in 2018. Business owners shouldn’t hesitate to establish accounts on these networks because of the SEO benefits that they could potentially bring. Remember…the more reputable websites you have linking to yours, the better your website will perform in the search results.



Gab is perhaps the most well-known of the alternative social networks at this point. It’s considered an alternative to Twitter which is slowly dying and prides itself on providing free speech to all users. We’ve had a Gab account for quite some time to promote our own content and have found it very easy to use. It offers a “trending news” sidebar similar to Facebook and Twitter and is very easy to interact and connect with other users. Gab was founded in Austin, Texas by Andrew Torba who has since relocated the company to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Click here to create your Gab.Ai account



Minds is an open source social network that uses decentralized blockchain technology to reward users for their content contributions. Like Gab.Ai, Minds prides itself on providing free speech to all users and also allows complete anonymity upon registration. As of September, 2017, Minds had more than 2 million active users and that number will likely increase tenfold. For small businesses that regularly publish articles and blog posts to their website, Minds is a great platform for sharing your content and building backlinks for SEO purposes. Minds is headquartered in Milton, Connecticut and was founded by Bill and John Ottman. Click here to create your Minds account.



Like Minds, Steemit is a social network that uses blockchain technology to reward contributors with “Steem” or “Steem Dollars”. Steemit’s concept more closely resembles that of Reddit in which users can upvote posts. Users with upvoted posts are rewarded the with the Steem cryptocurrency. Steemit operates out of both Virginia and New York and was founded by entrepreneurs Ned Scott and Dan Larimer. Click here to create your SteemIt account.



InfinitySN (Infinity Social Network) is a member-driven social network meaning there is no administrative oversight and the content you share can not be seen by the rest of the world like other social networks. Current members love InfinitySN because they’re able to speak freely without censorship. InfinitySN allows users to connect with other users based on their common interests and also offers video and group chat options. Small businesses are also able to create their free business page of InfinitySN which can provide search engine optimization benefits. InfinitySN was founded in 2011 by military veteran Steven Vulich of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Click here to create your InfinitySN account.



Bitchute is a video sharing service and is the newest rival to YouTube. Like Gab and Minds, BitChute prides itself on providing free speech to users without censorship. BitChute uses peer-to-peer technology and doesn’t have a centralized administrative system like YouTube does. Bitchute was founded by entrepreneur Ray Vahey and launched in January of 2017. Other more well-known alternatives to YouTube include Vimeo, Rumble and Dailymotion. Click here to create your BitChute account.



Aside from Flickr, Vero is considered Instagram’s largest competitor and was born out of user frustration with Instagram’s algorithm. The social app allows users to not only share photos, comment on photos and chat with other users, but also share links. Users are not able to share links on Instagram. Unfortunately, there is no desktop version of Vero, so users will have to download the app on their mobile devices. Vero’s popularity exploded in 2017 and is already off to a strong start in 2018. Vero was founded by billionaire entrepreneur Ayman Hariri of Lebanon. Click here to download the Vero app on your mobile device.


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