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Some of the world’s largest social networks have been in hot water lately. Namely, Facebook who unethically sold private user data to third parties including London’s Cambridge Analytica. Youtube is completely demonetizing users while Twitter was caught in the middle of the Project Veritas operation. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter have also gone to great lengths to censor dissenting opinions on their networks which has created a poor user experience and millions of frustrated users. As one might expect, social media users are jumping ship from some of the largest social media networks and opting for alternative platforms that are slowly becoming household names.

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You’ve created a new website for your business and already have your content marketing strategy in place. You begin publishing content to the website only to discover that it’s not ranking very well in the search results. You’re doing everything correctly, but your website has yet to establish any page authority. What is page authority? Page authority is a metric created by Moz that determines how well your website’s individual pages will rank in the search results.

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You've built a website for your business and you have plenty of competitors for the keywords related to your business. How do you outrank the competition in the search engines and begin generating revenue via your website? The first step is to understand domain authority which is one of the most important metrics in determining how your website will rank in the search results.

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Aside from content marketing, link building is the next most important building block for a brand’s search engine optimization campaign. However, not all links are the same. There are two different types of links; “dofollow” links and “nofollow” links. What are the primary differences between the two?

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When it comes to implementing an effective SEO strategy for your business website, there is a set of best practices called “white hat SEO” and then there is a set of practices to avoid called “black hat SEO”. The difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO is well documented, however, that’s never stopped certain website owners from cutting corners and trying to game the system. Black hat SEO is geared towards gaining favor from the search engines rather than delivering a quality experience to readers.

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An SEO specialist (search engine optimization specialist) is a business professional that can also go by many other different titles; digital marketing manager, search engine marketing manager, SEO manager, internet marketing specialist, etc. Although studies show that most small businesses are still doing their own SEO and digital marketing work, many businesses are making the investment of hiring an SEO specialist for their company (they’re not cheap). Does an individual need to go to college to become an SEO specialist? Yes and no.