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Facebook Colorful Stock Photo.

A few years ago, Facebook changed it’s algorithm in a way that would allow for the social network to generate more revenue from advertising. The algorithm switch caused many business pages to lose their free organic reach on Facebook. This required business owners to spend money on boosting their Facebook posts if they wanted to reach a larger audience. The organic reach of your average Facebook post is now a measly 6%. Is spending money to boost individual Facebook posts worth the investment?

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If you own a small business that you’re hoping to scale quickly, you can’t afford to neglect any single area of marketing. This is especially true for email marketing which is cheap to start, easy to maintain and often offers an excellent return on investment (ROI). Your brand’s ROI, of course, depends on how expensive your product or service is as well as how big your email list is. However, your work is far from over by just sending out monthly or weekly emails to your contact list. How do you get the people on your contact list to open the email? How do you prompt them to visit your website after opening the email? This is where an effective email marketing strategy comes into play.

Yelp ads stock photo.

Yelp is perhaps the number one review website in the United States. Purchasing advertising space on Yelp for your small business should come as a no brainer, right? Anyone that has ever set up a new Yelp page for their small business knows that this is a decision that is going to have to be made. The advertising sales staff at Yelp are very persistent and will go to great lengths to tell you how effective Yelp ads will be for your business.

Stock photo of a couple using a Waze gps app in their vehicle.

Waze, a GPS navigation software developed by Google, has officially launched it’s local ads system for small businesses. Waze local ads will offer three different advertising units; promoted search, zero-speed takeover and branded pin. According to Waze, setting up an advertising account for a business takes fewer than five minutes to complete.

Stock photo of a man using his cell phone.

For the first time in history, Google is now crawling, indexing and ranking websites based on the mobile version of the website’s pages. For small businesses and entrepreneurs that made sure their brand’s website was optimized for mobile-devices, you may begin to see an increase in traffic as other websites fall behind. During previous years, Google gave priority to desktop versions of websites but that trend has shifted since most Google searches are now conducted on mobile devices.

Photo of the downtown Nashville skyline from Nissan Stadium.

Mixed-use developments are becoming more and more popular throughout the United States, especially in neighborhoods immediately outside of professional sports stadiums. Anschultz Entertainment Group (AEG) and Southwest Value Partners are teaming up to bring a new mixed-use neighborhood to downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The 15-acre development will be called the “Nashville Yards” and will be located on 10th avenue between Commerce and Church streets.