Google Adwords Stock Photo.

Last year, Google introduced a new Google Adwords interface that was met with plenty of criticism from long-time Adwords users. As a result, Google allowed account owners to switch back and forth between the older and newest versions of the Adwords interface. The old interface will be officially retired for good in either late September or October of 2018.  

Not all of the old features will be available for users on the updated interface, according to the disclaimer at the bottom of Google’s Adwords blog. Some of the newest features include the ability to create campaigns according to business goals, the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate accounts quicker and an overall faster user experience. Google Adwords will be sending out notifications to Adwords account holders before this change takes place and recommends that all users make sure their contact information is correct. In the meantime, Google Adwords account holders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the quick reference map of the new Adwords interface. We've also included YouTube tutorial videos for the new interface below.

Google Adwords was founded in 2001 and has been on an upward trajectory ever since. The Adwords program gives entrepreneurs and business owners the ability to bid on targeted keywords in the Google search results or display digital advertising campaigns on other websites. The program is Google’s primary source of income and generated more than $95B in revenue in 2017. Google Adwords is very efficient as long as your business model can provide a generous return on the advertising dollars spent. How much your brand spends on Google Adwords can also depend largely on the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Businesses not having any luck with SEO will be more tempted to put more of their eggs into the Google Adwords basket. However, a successful Google Adwords campaign will require the help of Google’s Adwords consultants which will be a pricey endeavor. Business owners could also hire local Adwords specialists that are well versed in the platform.

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