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John Mann SEO Consulting is a content marketing agency in Nashville, Tennessee with nearly a decade of content creation and marketing experience. While content marketing is certainly time consuming, the concept is much easier than it sounds. In the digital marketing world, there is a saying that “content is king”. It’s important that your business website is always updated with fresh content that answers the most important questions your customers are asking. Without updating your website with regular blog posts, your company will only be able to rank for it’s internal pages (“About Us”, “Our Mission”, etc.).

Content marketing should be seen as new opportunities to post to social media which creates a revolving door that brings new visitors to your company's website. The more blog posts your company has published, the more organic visitors the website is going to generate from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, it’s important that your content is tailored in a way that builds trust and generates conversions. A successful conversion might include a customer inquiring about your business through phone or email or making a purchase on the website.

Where does a business owner go to find new ideas and topics to write about? One of the first steps you could take is to enter search terms into Google that relate to your business and click “news”. There, you will find trending news based on those keywords. You might also check a competitor’s blog to see what kind of content they’re writing about. It’s perfectly fine to write on some of the same topics as your competitors as long as the content you publish is in your own words. Business owners that are more advanced might use tools like BuzzSumo or Google Trends to find trending news in your industry. If your business already has a company blog established, you might look into Google Search Console to see which phrases your website is ranking for but would like to improve on. You would then create new content containing those phrases and keywords. Creating content centered around local news is very important and can help your brand’s local SEO strategy. Our staff publishes a lot of articles about important business news in Nashville, Tennessee.

Important Content Marketing Tips

  • Making sure your blog posts exceed 500 words if possible.
  • Properly citing your sources.
  • Making sure the keywords within your articles link to other pages within the website.
  • Making sure your blog posts are shareable via your website’s social media buttons.
  • Making sure you’ve chosen the right article title and metadata information to capture what the article is about.

Are you a small business or entrepreneur in Nashville, Tennessee that needs help creating an effective content marketing strategy? Do you need help starting a company blog? John Mann SEO Consulting is passionate about helping brands create engaging content that will help generate a steady flow of traffic that business owners can count on every month. Not only do we have the capability of developing content for your company's blog, we can also incorporate various forms of video marketing and infographics related to the topic. Visual media is perfect for complimenting text-based content and will help your blog posts rank higher in the search results.

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